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An online search for a new social media brand ambassador, driven by user-generated content.

Project Overview

We'd already been helping DEWALT's NZ office to manage their Facebook page when we identified that the client-supplied international content just wasn't resonating with Kiwis. 

We knew we needed to create more local content on a budget, so we pitched and delivered the DEWALT Power Tool Pro competition. We asked tradies across NZ to submit a DEWALT video review, with an objective of finding a brand ambassador who could deliver ongoing, engaging content that our local market could relate to.

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Campaign Launch

To announce the campaign, we created a video featuring DEWALT business manager Jason Teo. With almost 5000 views, 120k+ reach and hundreds of clicks to the custom competition entry form (hosted on DEWALT NZ's Facebook page), the video successfully kickstarted the conversation on who would become the Power Tool Pro.

This was followed up with another video giving would-be entrants a nudge to create their entry over the weekend, with some simple footage and a uniquely Kiwi sense of humour.

A third push for entries complimented our other Facebook activity. 

Entry Examples

Over and above high quality footage, we wanted content that our audience could relate to, so it was important that we let would-be entrants know that 'their videos didn't have to be professionally polished'.

As part of this strategy we included a range of examples from our entrants in our Facebook posts & ads, including the Brushless Blower video above, this reciprocating saw review and this brushless drill review.

The Power Tool Pro

At the competition's conclusion we had 20 great entries, which was beyond our expectation for this relatively low-level campaign.  

Our winner, Chris Donnelly, outshone our other entries and proved a great brand fit. He has since continued to promote DEWALT on his Facebook & Instagram pages with Live Q&As and other video content.


DEWALT NZ was ecstatic with how well the competition went down with their followers, as well as with the number and quality of entries.

As an added bonus, we also found an ambassador for partner brand Stanley Black & Decker amongst our entrants, and SB&D's Australian office was inspired to create their own version of the Power Tool Pro competition, off the back of the campaign's success.

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